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COCHLEAR IMPLANTS: We undertake investigation & assessment of all patients of mild ,moderate, severe &profound degree of deafness. Counseling & subsequent management with different types of Digital hearing aids is done. Making of mould with hearing aids is also possible.

Those who are not suitable for hearing aids are investigated with O.A.E, BERA, ASSR & further tests. Some patients are candidates for Cochlear Implants. A meeting between Parents & Doctors of the C.I. team is held to explain the need of C.I. Audiologist and a person from the Cochlear implant company are made available to work out the details of acquisition of Cochlear Implant. Implants of all the leading companies e.g.: Advanced Bionics, Med-el. & Nucleus are available. Very good results are there in properly selected cases. Surgery can be performed at our centre & switch-on after three weeks.

3 months of intensive therapy is carried out in Delhi & rest can be done locally at place of origin with help of nearby audio-verbal therapist. Patient comes to Delhi intermittently for evaluation of the progress made & further programme outlined. Children are able to attend normal school & get back into the normal mainstream of life.

MIDDLE EAR IMPLANTS FOR IMPROVEMENT OF HEARING LEVEL is also carried out. The latest Titanium, Hydroxyapatite & other Implants for ossicular reconstruction are being used routinely to provide the patients with the needed improvement in hearing. Stapedotomy for Otosclerosis with different pistons is also done. Excellent results in hearing improvement are achieved in these surgeries. Facial Nerve repair/grafting for facial re-animation is undertaken.

All Nasal Surgeries like septoplasty, rhino-septoplasty, FESS for all kinds of sinus pathologies can be perfomed with endoscope & 3 –chip CCD camera.

Voice disorders can be diagnosed with video endoscopy & help of speech pathologist. Micro–laryngeal surgery is done & necessary speech therapy provided by the speech-therapist. Laser & Phono-surgery with Implants is a latest addition to ourwide range of surgeries. Re-habilitation for voice after laryngectomy with BLOM-SINGER PROVOX PROSTHESIS (TEP) has been done at the centre.

SNORING, SLEEP APNEA & DAY-TIME SLEEPINESS can be diagnosed by sleep study & sleep endoscopy C-Pap, Bi-Pap if required are provided in many cases. Some patients needing opening up surgery like septoplasty, turbinate reduction, adeno-tonsillectomy or uvulo-palatoplasty (upp) have been operated & relieved of their problem.

VERTIGO, a common problem; is taken up as a challenge for diagnosis & management. Cases of Meniere's disease, BPPV, Vestibular Neuronitis , Vertibro-Basilar Insufficiency, Cervical Spondylosis & many other causes have been treated as per their need. Intra Tympanic Gentamycin injections were given to more than 10 pts for unrelenting cases of Meniere’s disease with SN Deafness; achieving satisfactory relief of symptoms.


Micro Surgery of Ear
Cochlear Implants for Severe deafness
Facial Nerve Surgery
Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery(FESS)
Laser/Radiofrequency for Snoring
Audiology and Speech Therapy
Digital Hearing Aids
Vertigo Work-up and treatment
Equipped with latest Zeiss Microscope, Xomed Microdebrider, Storz Endoscopes, Fibreoptic Laryngoscope, Video Otoscope and other "STATE of the ART" equipment


Titanium Middle Ear Implant


Titanium Middle Ear Implant


Titanium Middle Ear Implant